Housing Freewheel FCBM

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  • Housing Freewheel FCBM
    Backstop for Kiln drives
    with electromagnetic and manual release function

    Application as

    • Backstop


    The Housing Freewheel FCBM is used to control reverse rotation of the kiln when a rotary kiln drive is shut down. It is equipped with a Cage Freewheel on the main shaft and a multi-disc brake as well as a centrifugal brake on the worm shaft.
    When the rotary kiln drive is shut down, the Cage Freewheel automatically engages the  main shaft and the worm shaft. The closed multi-disc brake prevents reverse rotation of the rotary kiln. Through electromagnetic or manual ­re­leasing of the multi-disc brake, the controlled reverse rotation of the rotary kiln is then initiated. During reverse rotation, the centrifugal brake is used to ensure a controlled low speed of the rotary kiln until it has come to a stand still.
    The Housing Freewheels FCBM is a completely enclosed freewheel for stationary arrangement with input and output shaft. It was developed to protect people and machines from injury and damage.

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