Clamping Systems RTM 134.1 and RTM 134.2

  • RTM-134-X 141001
  • for complete torque motors
    for mounting and centring complete torque motors


    • Provides a mechanical connection and centring between rotor and machine shaft. Support is provided by additional centring ring
    • Backlash free, torsion-proof transmission of torque generated by the torque motor
    • High true running accuracy
    • Optimally configured contact pressure prevents undesirable deformation of the hollow rotor shaft of the torque motor and the hollow machine shaft
    • Taper Collet galvanized and blue-chromed to prevent fretting corrosion
    • Easily removable Cone Clamping Elements, even after long periods of operation
    • Cone Clamping Elements can be mounted from the B-side of the torque motor
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